Silver Lakers Want to Ban Airbnb Rentals

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Airbnb is an Internet service connecting people who want to rent out their homes — or just rooms in their houses — with people looking to stay for a few days. In LA's hip Silver Lake neighborhood, it's been a life-saver for those who need a few extra bucks, while others say it's a nightmare of noise, parking problems and fear for their children's safety. Does the "sharing economy" work for people who don't want to share? We get both sides. Also, Darrel Steinberg, President pro Tem of the California State Senate, talks about mental illness and prison overcrowding.

Image-for-WWLA.jpgOn our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, President Obama responded to Iran's "charm offensive" today at a speech to the UN General Assembly. We hear what he said and get a variety of reactions.

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