Skies Clear, but Deluge Damage Continues

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Between the day after Christmas and yesterday, Los Angeles saw the wettest 15 days in its history. The rain has slacked off for the moment, and Southern Californians have begun digging out. Meantime, evacuations are still under way, and many homes have been red-tagged until they-re called safe. In La Conchita, up in Ventura County, a fourth body has been found in the wreckage left by yesterday's mudslide that took out 15 houses. The Ventura County Supervisors have called for a state of emergency, to make victims eligible for disaster relief. We get an update from Wendy Thermos of the Los Angeles Times and urban planner Bill Fulton, who is also a member of the Ventura City Council.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Supreme Court Rules on Lawsuit against Gunmaker
    In 1999, Buford Furrow shot up a Jewish community center in Granada Hills and wounded five people. Later that day, he shot and killed a Filipino-American mailman because he thought he looked -Asian.- Yesterday, the US Supreme Court let stand a lower court decision that survivors and victims can sue Glock and China North Industries, which manufactured the guns Furrow used. We hear more from a pro-gun advocate and the attorney who represented the victims in the suit.

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