Slow Growth and the Living Wage

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Today we'll look at two local elections that represent movements that are statewide and even national. Santa Monica's Measure KK is labeled "living wage," but opponents insist that's not what it's really about. In Newport Beach, Measure S, the so-called Greenlight Initiative, would call for a citywide vote on developments. It's had an effect even before it's been passed.
  • Newmaker: Mergers and consolidations are still going on in the aerospace business. Jack Kyser, chief economist with the LA County Economic Development Corporation, talks to us about the continuing upheaval in a Southern California industry that's still important to the over-all economy.
  • Reporter's Notebook: On Sunday, the LAPD fired rubber bullets into a crowd of protesters against police brutality at Parker Center in downtown LA. Yesterday Ben Ehrenreich, a freelancer for the LA Weekly, reported that he was struck five or six times by the so-called non-lethal ammunition. Today we get the explanation from Lieutenant Horace Frank of the LAPD.



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