Soaring Prices Limit Affordable LA Housing

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Of cities with the most crowded housing in the United States, 17 are in California. With Santa Ana, East LA and El Monte leading the list, Los Angeles is eleventh. Economists say the reason is not a shortage of structures but the price. Why are housing prices so high and who-s being squeezed out? How does education figure into the equation? We get the latest on why the housing crunch will get worse before it gets better, and speak with a woman forced out of a crowded home because the landlord has sold it. We also hear from Edward Leamer, director of UCLA-s Anderson Forecast and author of a study of housing just released today.
  • Newsmaker: LA City Attorney Wants Adelphia to Keep Services
    LA-s second largest cable-TV provider is facing bankruptcy. Adelphia Cable has 250,000 subscribers in Los Angeles, including the television and movie people who live in the Hollywood Hills. City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo says he-s monitoring carefully to ensure that customer service and the city-s franchise agreement are being properly maintained.
  • Reporter-s Notebook: Faces of Ground Zero in LA
    In the aftermath of September 11, Life magazine photographer Joe McNally used the world-s largest camera to capture the dignity and stature of New York-s emergency workers, survivors and victims- relatives. From 300 9-foot Polaroids, he selected 58 for an exhibit to travel all over the US. McNally describes some of the images and heroes of The Faces of Ground Zero, which runs runs from June 20 through July 14 at the Skirball Cultural Center.


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