Social and Ethnic Changes in LA Since 1992 Riots

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The riots of 1992 revealed a city divided against itself. After the violence, looting and destruction subsided, the big word was -unity,- embodied in Rodney King-s pleading -can-t we all just get along?- In the ten years since, Los Angeles has become more diverse than ever. Does that mean that it-s also more divided? Is Los Angeles coming together or splitting apart? We move from civil disturbance to San Fernando Valley secession, as we explore the historical changes that are reshaping LA-s with writers and commentators Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Frank del Omo and Bill Fulton.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Lisa -Left Eye- Lopes of TLC Dies in Car Crash
    The female trio called TLC had its first hit record in 1992. They became top-selling winners of a Grammy Award by singing about safe sex, AIDS, black-on-black crime and self respect. Last night, one of the singers was killed in an auto crash while visiting Honduras. Jermaine Hall, associate music editor at the hip-hop magazine The Source, laments the loss of Lisa -Left Eye- Lopes who would have been 31 next month.

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