Social Security

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NAOMI LOPEZ: Director of Health and Welfare Studies at the Pacific Research Institute. Previously, she worked as a research associate at the Institute for SocioEconomic Studies in New York and as an entitlements policy analyst at the Cato Institute in Washington DC. RICHARD ROTHSTEIN: Research Associate at the Economic Policy Institute. He is also a professor of public policy at Occidental College, and a contributing editor to American Prospect Magazine. DR. Yung-Ping (BING) CHEN: An economist and Frank J. Manning Eminent Scholar's Chair, Gerontology Institute, University of Massachusetts, Boston. He is also a founding member of the National Academy of Social Insurance. MATT MILLER: Economics Editor for U.S. News and World Report, he is one of KCRW's hosts for "Left, Right, and Center." He is a regular commentator for NPR and the former economics/senior editor for the New Republic. FERNANDO TORRES-GIL: Dean at UCLA's School of Public Policy and Social Research. He is also a former Assistant Secretary on Aging, US Department of Health and Human Services.



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