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America's experiment with solar power has been cloudy. Builders and consumers have preferred to invest in cosmetics rather than cost-efficient solar generators. Yet Los Angeles, with its electrical power crisis and bad air, could be on the cusp of a solar revolution. We examine the success that "greener" countries have enjoyed with solar energy and see how they got there. We'll hear about the sunny side of the power business from the DWP and see what a local builder is doing to move the Southland toward solar energy.
  • Newsmaker: Economists Say Power Rates Must Increase - Gov. Davis insists that California's energy crisis can be solved without increasing residential power rates, but former Congressman Tom Campbell disagrees. He believes that a rate increase would encourage conservation. He also cautions the public not to jump to conclusions about market manipulation.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Super Bowl advertising--Beer 21, Dot.Coms 0 - The Super Bowl isn't just about football. In the world of advertising it's "Oscar night." Advertiser Michael Jeary takes us on a journey from the 1984 commercial that put Macintosh on the map, through last year's spending extravaganza - and to what we might expect this year. (Heard earlier on today's To the Point.)

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