Southern California Campuses Debate Middle East

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Bloody violence in the Middle East has led to protests all over the world, including California, where yesterday, 79 pro-Palestinian demonstrators were arrested after storming a building at UC Berkeley. Here in the Southland, 2000 supporters of Israel turned out Sunday at the Federal Building in Westwood. Perhaps because it is the most diverse region in the US, Middle East violence reverberates with special energy here in Southern California. We speak with the presidents of two local university organizations to discover how recent world affairs are playing out on and off campus. Justin Levi, a junior at UCLA, is with the Jewish Student Union. Senior Husnain Mehdi is a member of the Muslim Student Association at Cal State Northridge.
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    Democratic State Senator Richard Alarcon is running for re-election in November. If Valley secession is on the ballot, he may also run for election as Mayor of the new city. That's gotten him into hot water with some of his old friends. We speak with Alarcon and the co-chair of the anti-secession group One Los Angeles about running for office in a city that doesn't exist yet.

CSUN's Muslim Student Association

UCLA's Jewish Student Union

Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley

LA Local Agency Formation Commission

LA City Council's Ad Hoc Secession Committee

Mexican American Political Association

Service Employees International Union

State Senator Richard Alarcon



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