Special-Election Fallout for Governor Schwarzenegger?

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It was Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger himself who called next week's special election to enact state spending limits, redraw legislative boundaries and require teachers to wait longer to earn their tenure. He also got behind a measure to make public union leaders get written permission for every member before spending their dues on politics. Today, with less than a week before election day, the LA Times Poll became the third major survey to show all four of his "year of reform" propositions are not a hit with the voters, with teacher tenure the least likely to be defeated. Has the Terminator lost his touch? Has he been mismanaged? Does he have time to turn things around? We speak with GOP fundraiser Shawn Steel, Republican strategist Arnold Steinberg and journalist Marc Cooper.

November 8 Special Election

Field Poll on Schwarzenegger-backed propositions

LA Times Poll on the Governor's propositions

Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) Poll on initiative process



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