Special Election Night Coverage

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KCRW's Warren Olney hostes the special coverage of the statewide California recall election. An election that proves to be a record turnout for an unprecedented election. We hear from candidates, journalists, political strategists and consultants about turnout, campaign spending and the impact of the recall on blacks, Latinos and women. How have election officials handled the avalanche of voters with machinery that many admit is hopelessly out of date?
Which Way L.A.? producer Tinku Ray went out dropping into booths in Santa Monica, Hollywood, Korea Town, South Central, Crenshaw, Watts and Torrance. She spoke to around 50 people on how they voted, why and what their impressions of the recall process were.
With polls closing at 8pm we look at the election's results and talk with a Republican and Democratic Assemblywoman, a columnist for the Sacramento Bee, a Democratic Congressman and Tax Association experts what is ahead for the new governor. Following the media coverage on the election we speak with other candidates what they get out of the election.

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