State Buying Power

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Fewer rolling blackouts and late-night meetings in the state Capitol give the appearance that the energy crisis is under control, but the worst may be on the way. Governor Davis insists consumers shouldn't be held hostage to the Legislature's botched deregulation effort, but utilities, which have siphoned off profits to their stockholders and parent companies, are depending on rate hikes to cover energy costs. Even the state's purchase of transmission lines won't contain wholesale costs or provide additional energy. We search for a realistic solution with a former spokesman for Southern California Gas, a consumer rights advocate, and a senior political advisor to Governor Davis. (Kyle McKinnon guest hosts this half hour edition of WWLA.)
  • Newsmaker: Lawsuit Challenging Census Data - The City of Los Angeles has filed suit against the federal government to keep the Bush administration from deciding how the final 2000 census should be completed. James Hahn, LA city attorney and mayoral candidate, wants to use scientific sampling to determine the population, including those who were likely missed by census workers.
  • Reporter's Notebook: A Taliban Responds to Criticism - The UN and human rights organizations have decried the treatment of women by the Taliban, the party that rules most of Afghanistan. Ambassador-at-Large Sayed Ramatullah Hasemi faults western media for demonizing the party, recounts its accomplishments, and criticizes US sanctions against the regime.

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