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California's energy nightmare ultimately affects the entire western US. Gray Davis offered solutions in his State of the State message, but did he propose enough if our health, economy and safety depend on sound utilities and adequate affordable power? We discuss price caps, joint power authority, conservation, and rate restructuring, and get reactions to the governor's address from representatives from Edison, the DWP and other energy providers, a consumer advocate, and two California legislators.
  • Newsmaker: Rodriguez New Press Secretary to First Lady - Mayor Riordan's "alter-ego" is leaving her job as deputy mayor of Los Angeles to become press secretary to Laura Bush. Noelia Rodriguez expects the First Lady to build on the work with children and literacy that she and Mr. Bush began in Texas.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Tauscher New VP of Democratic Leadership Council - The Democratic Leadership Council may be losing its bully pulpit, but it's gaining a new vice president in California Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher. Al From is chair of the DLC. He praises Tauscher for demonstrating the compassion to care and the compunction to govern.



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