Statewide Testing

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Miles Nagaoka: English History and Journalism teacher at Abraham Lincoln High School in Lincoln Heights (East LA) since 1984. Doug Lasken: Fifth grade teacher at Ramona Elementary and Union Chapter chair. He also teaches teacher accreditation at National University. Dr. Marlyn Whirry: A teacher at Mira Costa High School in Manhattan Beach and a member of the National Assessment Governing Board. She was involved in developing the CLAS test, the NAPE exam and Clinton's voluntary reading test. Marian Joseph: State Board of Education member. Joan Evans: Director of (ASAP) Assessment of Student Achievement Program, responsible for Standards Based education for Los Angeles Unified School District. David Tokofsky: Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education member, representing 5th district. Mark Di Camillo: Director of the Field Poll, the oldest and most respected polling firm in California. Ken Reich: Veteran writer for Los Angeles Times

topic: Jane Harmon Takes Lead in Polls



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