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A new 7.5 mile carpool lane on the southbound 405 from Sherman Oaks to Wilshire Boulevard will reduce commuting time, although it's uncertain how much time will be saved and for how long. A new freeway corridor improvement study of the 101 from downtown Los Angeles to Thousand Oaks incorporates the public into a search for new ideas that nobody's thought of before. Is increased gridlock just part of life in a sprawling and economically prosperous city? We get a progress report on traffic congestion from Jeff Morales, director of Caltrans, and Jeff Taylor, director of UCLA's Institute of Transportation Studies.
  • Reporter's Notebook: A Greater Challenge for the United Way of Greater Los Angeles
    September 11 will cost the Los Angeles area more than any place else in the US outside New York, with tourism-dependent places proportionally harder hit. The latest Milken Institute study forecasts a bleak outlook for an economy already deep in recession. Joe Haggerty, President of the United Way of Greater Los Angeles, faces the difficult challenge of raising money to help the needy in a sagging economy.

101 Freeway Corridor Improvement Study

Air Quality Management District

California Department of Transportation

Gov. Davis' Traffic Congestion Relief Program

Metropolitan Transit Authority

Southern California Association of Governments

UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies

California Endowment

Milken Institute

United Way of Greater Los Angeles



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