Supreme Court Hears California-s Three Strikes Law

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The US Supreme Court today heard challenges to the toughest sentencing law in the nation. California-s landmark -Three Strikes- law, which is defended as part of the war on crime, has been attacked by opponents as -cruel and unusual punishment,- prohibited by the Constitution. The law penalizes a criminal who has committed two pervious serious or violent felonies, with 25-years to life for any third felony, even if the crime is as apparently trivial as shoplifting or petty theft. We get an update from the courtroom and hear more about both sides of the issue from two lawyers, Erwin Chemerinsky, who argued today-s case, and Mark Voss, who helped write an amicus brief for the prosecution.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Voice of the Voters
    Because of a problem in the system that analyzes exit polls to project election winners for the networks, it may be a long time before we know the winners and losers. In the meantime, KCRW producer Gisele Regatao traveled to several polling places in LA County, capturing the voices of voters on their thoughts and their choices, when they cast their ballots today.

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