Tahoe Compromise

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Mary Gilanfarr: Executive Director, Tahoe-Sierra Preservation Council. Chair of T-TREC - the Tahoe-Trukee Regional Economic Coalition. Local real estate broker -- since 1974, works in California and Nevada. Rochelle Nason: Executive director, The League to Save Lake Tahoe.Tim Hermach: Founder and Executive Director of Native Forest Council, a group which split off from the Sierra Club in the late 1980s. Michael Jackson: Founding Member, Quincy Library Group, Founding Member. Environmental lawyer, specializing in timber, water and endangered species. Jeff St. Clair: Investigative Journalist, editor of CounterPunch magazine and contributing editor, In These Times. Tom Nelson: Representatives of Sierra Pacific Industry. Nelson was a founding member of the Quincy Library Group. Victor Menotti: Program Director, International Forum on Globalization. Reverend Wiley Drake: Reverend of the First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park. Found guilty yesterday of violating city zoning laws by allowing homeless people to stay at his church. Dan Walters: Political Columnist, Sacramento Bee.

topic: Zoning against the Homeless



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