Teamsters Join Supermarket Strike

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They aren-t going back to work yet, but striking United Food and Commercial Workers got a major boost from the Teamsters today, when the union's drivers agreed not to cross picket lines to deliver food to Vons, Ralph's or Albertsons. What will that mean for strikers, investors and shoppers during one of the year-s biggest weeks for grocery shopping? We hear more about timing, turkeys and tactics from the Teamsters Union, a stock analyst who specializes in supermarkets, food and tobacco products, and a UCLA professor of management and public policy.
  • Making News: Edgar Bronfman Buys Warner Music Group
    Edgar Bronfman, formerly of Seagrams and MCA, is heading a group that is buying the Warner Music Group from Time Warner. Agreeing to a sales price of $2.6 billion, Time Warner has retained the right to buy back a minority share of the business. Jeff Leeds, who's been following the story for the LA Times, has more on Bronfman-s biggest deal since he sold MCA to Vivendi.

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