Teen Births in California and Abstinence-Only Education

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During the 1990's, California-s teen-pregnancy rates dropped by 40 percent. In Berkeley, where the rate dropped 45 percent, there is teenage access to condoms, HIV testing and birth control pills. The Bush Administration is offering big money to states that try to reduce teen pregnancy by teaching abstinence only. For years, California has refused such federal monies and, thus far, Governor Schwarzenegger is not involved in any discussions. But California-s Department of Health Services--which is short of money--reportedly is considering a change. Is there a better way? We get two views, from the presidents of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles and Abstinence Clearinghouse.
  • Making News: Scott Peterson Sentencing Recommendation
    The jury in the Scott Peterson trial has recommended capital punishment in the murders of his wife, Laci and their unborn son. Former federal prosecutor Laurie Levinson, now a professor at Loyola Law School, says final sentencing hasn't yet been pronounced on Peterson. She also reports that, despite the sentencing verdict, convicted murders are as likely to die of natural causes, because of years of possible habeas corpus appeals.
  • Reporter's Notebook: 2005 Golden Globe Nominations
    The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has narrowed the field for the Oscars, with multiple Golden Globe nominations for the film Sideways and the actor Jamie Foxx. Andrew Wallenstein of the Hollywood Reporter says Foxx and Sideways are enjoying unprecedented recognition. He also predicts prizes for several winning TV broadcast and cable nominees.



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