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In downtown Los Angeles, history is giving way to technology as vacant or underutilized buildings are being filled with telecommunications switching equipment. Some argue that they will bring jobs and spending into downtown. Others worry that these "telco hotels" will stem the flow of life back into the central city. Will a proposed ordinance send projects fleeing to neighboring cities, or create a balance of technology and human beings? We'll hear how high technology is reshaping the American landscape, from developers, representatives of the city's business and civic sector, and an economist who's written on the effects of the digital revolution.
  • Newsmaker: Fed Cuts Interest Rate, Again - With a dramatically-slowed economy, the Federal Reserve today cut its prime rate half a percent. Knight Kiplinger, who edits The Kiplinger Letter, says that this second cut in less than a month proves Greenspan's determination to raise consumer confidence and avert a recession. (Rebroadcast from today's To the Point.)
  • Reporter's Notebook: Officers Join Class Action Suit Against LAPD Officers who report, or fail to report, misconduct are being "pickled" by the LAPD. Attorney Bradley Gage explains the class action lawsuit he filed on behalf of a growing number of current and veteran LAPD officers. Lieutenant Horace Frank gives us department's response.

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