Terror Threats against Los Angeles

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"Yesterday, London and Madrid. Tomorrow, Los Angeles and Melbourne- and don't count on restraint or compassion." That's part of an 11-minute videotape aired on the fourth anniversary of September 11 on ABC News. It's confirmed to be the work of Adam Gadahn, a southern California man now in Pakistan, who is wanted by the FBI for alleged terrorist connections. LA officials are taking his threat seriously. Police Chief William Bratton said today he's surprised there has not been another attack on this country -- by home-grown terrorists. This as two men pleaded innocent in Santa Ana of federal charges of plotting to attack local synagogues and military installations. We find out why and get a profile of the man involved from Councilman Jack Weiss, domestic terrorism expert Jack Riley and reporter Annette Stark.
  • Making News: Los Angeles Suffers Massive Power Outage At 12:37 this afternoon a massive power outage struck Los Angeles leaving two million people without power. At LAX and UCLA, emergency generators kicked in. Despite the incident's following on the heels of this weekend's terror threat against LA, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa assured Angelinos that the accident was due to human error. Sharon Bernstein, transportation reporter for the Los Angeles Times explains what happened and what it will take to fix it.

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP)

Bernstein-s article on LA power outage

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Councilman Weiss' 10-Point Plan on Preparing LA for Terrorism



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