The Ahmanson Ranch

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First approved in 1992, the Ahmanson Ranch project has hit hurdle after hurdle in its effort to provide a model solution for Southern California's housing needs. Developers of the Ranch call their project, "an opportunity to get away from the type of suburban development our parents and grandparents grew up with." In addition to carefully laid out "clusters," it has allocated 85-percent of its site to open space, providing 10,000 acres of new public lands. Ground breaking for the 2,800 acre residential and commercial Ahmanson Ranch could begin as early as next year but local residents, environmentalists, politicians and activist celebrities are up in arms. They have fought for 15 years, believing the project will destroy one of Southern California's last remaining open spaces. By their estimates the project will add thousands of cars to an already strained 101 Freeway, and pollute the nearby creek and ocean.

The Ahmanson Ranch

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