The Alameda Corridor

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It took 18 years and $2.5 billion to build the Alameda Corridor. At and below ground level, it stretches 20 miles through 14 cities, from the Ports of LA and Long Beach to the rail yards in downtown LA, allowing trains to slip past 200 intersections without disrupting traffic. Yet, for all that, Southern California-s most expensive public works project is not living up to expectations since shippers, who were expected to transfer their cargo to trains, prefer to use trucks instead. As a result, street and freeway traffic is denser than ever. Is there any way to make it better before it gets worse? We get some insight from the chairman of the Assembly's Select Committee on Ports and the acting CEO of the Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority.
  • Making News: Molestation Charges against Former OC Judge Dismissed
    Last week the Supreme Court struck down a California law allowing prosecution of some sexual offenders even after the statute of limitations had expired. Yesterday, a Los Angeles court used the ruling to dismiss a case against a Catholic priest. Cathy Franklin, Orange County bureau chief for City News Service, says that same ruling was cited again today when another judge threw out six felony counts against former Orange County judge Ronald Kline.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Kraft Foods Pledges Action on Childhood Obesity
    Childhood obesity is reportedly epidemic in this country. That-s generated tremendous pressure on companies like Kraft Foods, which makes Oreos and Velveeta. Now, Kraft says it-s planning to change its marketing practices in the interests of healthier diets. Kim Severson, who covered the story for the San Francisco Chronicle, says Kraft-s plans to modify its marketing to children won-t separate kids from their -treats.-

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