The Award for the Dirtiest Oscar Campaign Goes to-

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Each year, Oscars are handed out for excellence in acting, directing, cinematography and scores of other crafts. This year, the Academy should create an award for excellence in running the most brutal Oscar campaign. While Hollywood pros may be accustomed to the money, hype and hustle leading up to Sunday's Academy Awards, they are shocked by the nastiness of the gossip, the ferocity of the campaigns and the trashing of fellow nominees. Historical accuracy, sexual orientation, anti-Semitism and race are just some of the tabloid topics being raised in this year's Academy Awards campaigns. We hear all about it from a Hollywood film critic and industry marketing consultant.
  • Newsmaker: Disagreement on Latino Immigration Policy
    The Senate's refusal to pass legislation to ease the lives of immigrants living and working illegally in the US left President Bush empty handed when he met with President Vicente Fox in Mexico today. David Ayon, research associate with the Center for the Study of Los Angeles at Loyola Marymount University, says Mexican, American and Latino leaders are a long way from agreeing on the details of a guest worker program.

Immigration Extension Bill (HR 1885)

Immigration Extension Bill (S 778)

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