The Changing Face of San Fernando Valley

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Since 1915, the San Fernando Valley has been a part of Los Angeles, and that's how it's always been defined. Now, as support grows for the San Fernando Valley to secede from the rest of Los Angeles, backers of secession are struggling to help the Valley develop an identity of its own. Joel Kotkin is a senior fellow with Pepperdine University's Institute for Public Policy, and the author of the recent released study "The Changing Face of the San Fernando Valley." A valley resident himself, Kotkin profiles the ethnically diverse, sophisticated center of industry, politics and the arts, that was once LA's suburban stepchild.
  • Newsmaker: Governor Davis Postpones Phasing Out MTBE
    Governor Davis, who boasts that he kept the lights on during the power crisis, now claims he's preventing a gasoline crisis by delaying the phasing out of MTBE. But what is the cost for the environment? Peter Navarro, professor of economics and public policy at UC Irvine, says that compared to ethanol additives, MTBE is the lesser of two evils.
  • Reporter's Notebook: New Mall Opens Next to LA's Landmark Farmers Market
    Rick Caruso has successful developed retail and restaurant malls in Encino, Calabasas and Ventura County. His newest project means a new neighbor for LA's Farmers' Market. Brent Hopkins, business reporter for the Los Angeles Daily News, says that The Grove, as glitzy as its neighbor is homey, will mean new customers for one of LA's old landmarks.

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