The City Attorney Race

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Carmen Trutanich lost a bid to be LA County's District Attorney. Now he's running for re-election as the City Attorney of LA. Two opponents are former Councilman, now termed-out Assemblyman, Mike Feuer and Greg Smith, a private attorney who's won millions for cops and firefighters who've sued LA and other cities. The City Attorney is the only official elected city-wide except for the Mayor and Controller. We ask the candidates about their priorities and get each of them to assess the other. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, is the Sequester an economic disaster or political theater?

Banner image: (L-R) LA City Attorney candidates Mike Feuer, Greg Smith and Carmen Trutanich



NOTE: As of Monday, February 25, this portion of audio aired on KCRW, but is not available online except through the Soundcloud embed below.

During tonight's debate, City Attorney Carmen Trutanich accused former Assemblyman Mike Feuer of changing his position on the proposed sales tax increase, Measure A, from yes to no. Feuer denied it. After the program was over, Trutanich's campaign aide John Schwada told Warren Olney that Trutanich was wrong. There is no evidence that Feuer ever supported Measure A.




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