The Death Penalty: Medicine and the Law

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California's next execution is less than a week away, but the trial judge says recent evidence may disqualify the San Quentin prisoner from capital punishment, even though 42 year-old Michael Morales was convicted of the rape and murder of a 17-year old high school girl 25 years ago. Now a federal judge has demanded proof that California's method of lethal injection is not "cruel and unusual" and therefore unconstitutional. We hear from lawyers and doctors as Governor Schwarzenegger holds a human life in the balance.
  • One final note relating to yesterday's Making News segment: The Los Angeles Police Commission will let stand it's new policy of not including the names of officers involved in police shootings at the time that extensive reports are made public.

Morales v Hickman, US District Court on (cruel and unusual punishment)

Request for executive clemency for Michael Morales



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