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Chris Jennings: Deputy assistant to the President for Health Policy Development.Joseph Newhouse: John D. McCarthur professor of health policy and management at Harvard University; chair of the Prospective Payment Assessment Commission which makes recommendations to Congress about Medicare, including on the issue of payments to teaching hospitals. Noe Paramo: Education director, Rural Health Advocacy Institute in Modesto. Andrew Bindman: Associate professor of medicine and health policy at UCSF Medical School; co-author of a recent study in the New England Journal of Medicine titled "The Role of Black and Hispanic Physicians in Providing Health Care for Underserved Populations Michael Karpf: Director of the UCLA Medical Center.Dan Wohlgelernter, MD: Cardiologist in a Santa Monica practice group called Cardiology Consultants; former member of the UCLA Medical School faculty. Lisa Kalustian: Press Deputy to Governor Pete Wilson. Rick Wartzman: Editor of the California section of the Wall Street Journal.

topic: Health plan for children of working poor



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