The Economy of War

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With economists talking about recession, the stock market finally went up the markets' worst week in 40 years. But this moment of hope doesn't preclude dramatic changes in our economy. With the nation still reeling from the reality of foreign terrorism on domestic soil, we talk about what to expect for LA's economy, the apparel business, defense industry, tourism and business travel. Will LAX expansion and Orange County's El Toro Airport get off the ground? We speak with a local economist and the editor of a website dedicated to news and analysis from the aviation and defense technology industries.
  • Newsmaker: Stock Market is Up - The Dow Jones and the Nasdaq composite index both jumped up by 4 percent today, a stark improvement over last week's worst showing since 1940. Bloomberg TV's Dylan Rattigan says the market's short-term action, albeit emotional, is anything but irrational. He's also positive about long-term patriotism and profits.
  • Reporter's Notebook: LA Could Get Boost in TV, Movie Production - After years of seeing runaway production become a Hollywood institution, could the threat of war result in a kind of boom for local film and TV production? Thomas Rothman, of Fox Entertainment, says only time - and the bottom line - will tell if the Hollywood story will have a happy ending.

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