The Face of LA during the DNC

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Remember the 1984 Olympics? Despite months of dire predictions, there were no traffic jams on congested freeways, no civil disturbances-not even a lot of Smog. Just a well-organized urban establishment hosting tens of thousand of eager visitors from all over the world. In advance of next week's Democratic Convention, the dire predictors are at it again. Network, cable, and local newscasts are re-broadcasting scenes from riots that happened eight years ago, and of the two police cars burned in the aftermath of the Lakers' championship last spring. Is it prudence and caution-or hysterical over-reaction? Will LA shut down-or provide the appropriate stage for important political drama? We'll get a variety of opinions.
Newsmaker: The Reform Party today officially broke in two. Supporters of Pat Buchanan locked down the Long Beach Convention Center, where the party was scheduled to meet today. Supporters of Ross Perot-and Natural Law candidate John Hagelin-set up shop down the street. KCRW's morning anchor and corrspondent, Eric Roy, has been running back and forth.



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