The Firing of Gerald Chaleff

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Mayor Riordan has created a political thunderstorm by firing LA Police Commission President Gerald Chaleff. Some reformers have criticized Chaleff for not pressing hard enough, but others say he's a scapegoat for increased crime on the streets and sagging police morale. We hear from Chaleff and representatives of City Hall, the police union, ACLU, Independent Review Panel, and Charter Reform Committee, about the future of police reform in Los Angeles.
  • Newsmaker Ariel Sharon Wins by a Landslide - Exit polls show that Ariel Sharon defeated Prime Minister Ehud Barak by some 60 to 40% in Israel's election today. Alan Philps, of the Telegraph, reports from Jerusalem that Barak defended his approach of offering concessions to the Palestinians, then surprised everyone by announcing that he'll retire from politics altogether.

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