The Future of Organized Labor in California

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John Kerry spoke to the Service Employees International, which is holding its quadrennial convention this week in San Francisco. The SEIU, America's fastest growing union, is hoping to lead a resurgence of the labor movement nationwide. Though membership in the public sector has remained stable, union membership in private business has declined to just 8 percent of America-s work force, with the only growth among government employees and workers who make modest wages, like janitors, hotel maids and dry cleaners. Their leaders are looking for fundamental change in the AFL-CIO. At this time of unprecedented crisis, Warren Olney explores California's role in the future of organized labor with Nancy Cleeland, labor reporter for the Los Angeles Times, and Ruth Milkman, director of the UC Institute for Labor and Employment at UCLA.
  • Making News: $100 Million Health Initiative to Care for Uninsured Children
    On last night-s 6 o-clock news, Univision reported that 50 organizations were raising enough money to provide healthcare for all the uninsured children in LA County. The Spanish-language TV station broadcast a telephone number (888-4LAKIDS) and received147,000 calls. Howard Kahn, CEO of LA Care, talks about the goals of the Children's Health Care Initiative of Greater Los Angeles.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Belmont High School Approved; LA Times Job Cuts
    Deep in today's back pages, the LA Times reported the LA School Board's final approval of Belmont High School, where dense population has led to extreme overcrowding. Earthquake and environmental concerns will result in the demolition of two newly constructed buildings, with two more constructed on the site in downtown Los Angeles. Veteran journalist Bill Boyarsky reports on final approval of Vista Hermosa High School and, after five Pulitzer Prizes, layoffs at the LA Times.

Children's Health Care Initiative of Greater Los Angeles

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New Unity Partnership

Service Employees International Union (SEIU)

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LAUSD approves Vista Hermosa High School



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