The Future of the IMF

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The future of the International Monetary Fund is sparking controversy in Washington and around the globe. Is it time to reform the 50-year-old IMF to meet the needs of a new century? IMF actions affect millions of people in poorer countries and could become a lightning rod in this year's 2000 presidential election. Tempers are running high in global capitals over the selection of a new German managing director to run the IMF and a new report by a congressional commission that calls for sweeping changes in the IMF's mission. Guest host Matt Miller, the center in KCRW's "Left, Right and Center," talks with economists and a congressman with different views on the matter, and European journalists who offer insights into the politicking behind the headlines. On Reporter's Notebook, Warren Olney asks Assembly Speaker Antonio Villaraigosa what to do about those soaring gasoline prices.



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