The Griffith Observatory

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Why is the sky blue? What makes stars twinkle? The man to ask is Ed Krupp, director of the Griffith Observatory since 1976. In a city where night-sky gazers can't even see the stars, Krupp runs the most looked through telescope in the universe. With a budget one-fifth of New York's Hayden Planetarium, he draws four times as many annual visitors. We talk with Krupp about the place he loves, what made him "starry eyed," the little known study of archeo-astronomy, and his decision to close the observatory for its first renovation since it became a landmark six decades ago.
  • Newsmaker: Ventura County Workers Strike - After failing to reach a contract agreement, 4200 Ventura County employees will extend a two-day walkout into next week. Ken Maryanski, west county bureau chief for the Ventura County Star, has more on why talks broke down, what it means to residents, and why the strike has county growers in a pucker.

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