The Irish Republican Army and Support from America

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After 35 years of deadly brutality, the Irish Republican Army has pledged to renounce violence and pursue independence from Britain by peaceful means -- and this time Britain is taking it seriously. Gerry Adams made the announcement today in Dublin. Over the years, the IRA has received financial support from Irish Americans, although that has dwindled since September 11. How do they feel about today's IRA renunciation of violence? We hear from Dan Keenan of Irish Times, who reports on why Tony Blair calls this "a step of unparalleled magnitude," and talk to Los Angeles reporter Kelly Candaele, who writes for an Irish American audience.
  • Making News: Cox Nomination to Head SEC Moves to Senate
    Orange County-s Republican Congressman Chris Cox is one step closer to heading the Securities and Exchange Commission. His nomination was approved unanimously today by the Senate Banking Committee. Dena Bunis reports from Washington for the Orange County Register.
  • Reporter's Notebook: The Shuttles' Uncertain Future
    The Shuttle Discovery docked with the International Space Station today, but not before it performed a kind of back-flip maneuver so cameras could assess the possible damage from Tuesday-s launch. Michael Cabbage of the Orlando Sentinel, author of Comm Check-: The Final flight of Shuttle Columbia, reports on NASA's grounding of future shuttles and the implications for America's space program.

President Bush nominates Cox to head SEC

Congressman Christopher Cox

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

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