The Last Freeway in California?

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In dedicating the first piece of the Foothill Freeway extension, Governor Davis declared an end to new freeway construction. It was a grim pronouncement for the state of sprawling suburbs that defines itself in great part by its thousands of miles of freeways. From the Arroyo Seco Parkway to today's gridlock of interwoven highways, we look back at this integral cultural icon, and forward to a California with no new freeways. What would Southern California be like if there were trains and buses where cars are king? We hear from public transit advocate, an urban planning specialist, and an architecture critic.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Well-Off Parents Try to Prep a Public School - As affluent families try to build up a struggling public school before they send their kids in, teachers, the principal, and less well-to-do parents of current students at Cheremoya Avenue School were steaming. Kenneth Robins, president of the school's booster group has more on the trials and tribulations of the enterprising challenge.

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