The Mortgage Crisis and 'Occupy Our Home'

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The "Occupy" movement was criticized for lacking specific goals. Now protesters against America's banks are trying to help evicted families get back into their foreclosed homes.  We hear about civil disobedience and property rights, as concerns about economic inequality move to the suburbs of Southern California. Also, we talk with State Attorney General Kamala Harris about her withdrawal from the national settlement with big banks to team up with her counterpart in Nevada to investigate mortgage fraud. On our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, Internet piracy and  Hollywood versus Silicon Valley.

Banner image: SEIU 721, ACCE and other organizations stand in Solidarity with Ana Casas Wilson, a disabled South Gate homeowner who is refusing to leave her home, on December 6,2011. © All Rights Reserved. Photo courtesy of SEIU 721



Warren Olney