The Napalm Train

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Eraina Dunn: Executive Director of . HAYCO, Human Action Community Organization, that joined the fight to stop the trainload of napalm going to Indiana. Bob Campbell: President and CEO, Pollution Control Industries, the company that had contracted to recycle the napalm, but withdrew from the agreement after community and Congressional protests. Sarah Bates: President-elect, Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce. Baruch Fischhoff: Psychologist, professor at Carneige Mellon University in the Engineering and Public Policy Department. Studies risk assessment. Bob Healy: Officer with the California Highway Patrol Commercial Enforcement division. Robert Jones: Consultant to the federal government and the Nuclear Energy Institute, which represents the nuclear power industry. Expert in transportation and packaging of nuclear waste. Former employee of General Electric's Nuclear Energy Division. Bob Halstead: Transportation advisor to the Nevada Agency for nuclear projects. Expert in energy and environmental policy. Mayor Richard Riordan: Mayor, City of Los Angeles.



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