The New Police Commission and Police Reform

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Mayor Hahn has appointed a racially diverse group of men and women to LA's most important non-elected policy-making body. But because none of the five has been associated with the demands for change to the LAPD philosophy and actions that forced Los Angeles into a federal consent decree to avoid a civil rights lawsuit, critics read their selection as proof that Hahn is not committed to police reform. As the city council begins to consider the nominees, we talk to a council member, a former police commissioner and Mayor Hahn himself.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Mandatory Kindergarten - Ninety percent of California's 5 year-olds go to kindergarten. Now, some state lawmakers want the rest to go, too. Herb Wesson, a Democrat from Culver City, is considered the most likely next Speaker of the State Assembly. He sees kindergarten as a socializing tool that's crucial to establishing a level educational playing field.

LA City Councilwoman Miscikowski

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