The People-s Republic of Santa Monica?

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It was once so liberal that landlords and developers called it the -People-s Republic of Santa Monica,- but Tom Hayden-s gone mainstream, Jane Fonda-s moved away, and rent control has been pre-empted by state law. While Harry Shearer still calls it -the home of the homeless,- yesterday-s hippies are flying own planes, driving Jaguars and shopping at designer boutiques. Now, with a City Council that-s made it a crime to sleep in a doorway and an electorate that-s voted down the living wage, does Santa Monica have even the slightest residue of liberal guilt left? We hear more about affordable housing, soaring property values, the changing nature of the city, and -the challenge of too much success- from Santa Monica-s Green Party Mayor, Michael Feinstein, and attorney-activist Tom Larmore.
  • Newsmaker: Chief Bratton Details Plans for the LAPD
    Chief William Bratton, LA-s new Police Chief, is settling into his job. Yesterday, the City Council lifted a hiring freeze, enabling him to appoint his own, top management team, and the Police Protective League is applauding a new, more flexible disciplinary system. Chief Bratton takes on a skeptical city councilman, previews his transition plans and explains how he-ll work with citizens and the police to take back the city-s streets.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Magnet School -Equality-
    Marisol Pineda is a student in the magnet program at John Marshall High School, with the best teachers, new books and expensive equipment. Yet despite everything the school offers, it-s not always easy to remain positive optimistic. In another of our series of commentaries from Youth Radio-LA, Pineda explains that there-s more to success than intelligence and determination.

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