The Race for Two Vacant LA City Council Seats

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Term limits already have revolutionized the Los Angeles City Council, which is unrecognizable from what it was before this June's election. Now, with the death of former President John Ferraro and impending resignation of 25-year veteran Joel Wachs, it's about to get two more new members. Heavy weight politicians from Sacramento are among those lining up for open seats in the mid-city and San Fernando Valley. We talk with LA insiders Raphe Sonnenshein and Fernando Guerra about these upcoming races, "pothole politics," and the prospects for continuing change.
  • Newsmaker: El Toro Park Petitions Thrown Out - Opponents of a proposed civilian airport at the former El Toro Marine Base have gathered signatures to put a "Great Park" initiative on the March 2002 ballot. Now a superior court judge says 50,000 signatures are invalid. Peter Larsen, of the Orange County Register, explains what happened and what it means for the future battle.

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