The Real ID Act and the Border

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As many as two million illegal immigrants are driving in California without being licensed. As legislators in Sacramento debate permitting drivers' licenses for illegal immigrants, Congress may pass a new law that would render the argument moot. Called "The Real ID Act," it would prohibit licensing illegal immigrants, subject to new rules from the Department of Homeland Security. Would that create a national identification card? Would it keep illegal immigrants off the road? We hear from advocates on both sides of the immigration issue, Nativo Lopez of the Mexican American Political Association and Paul Egan of the Federation for American Immigration Reform.
  • Making News: Doing Business in LA
    In last year's survey by Inc. Magazine, Los Angeles ranked 141st as a place in America for doing business. This year it dropped to 153rd. Economist and writer Joel Kotkin, who analyzed Los Angeles for the magazine, says the Cost of living and severe regulatory issues are just two reasons for the city's declining ranking.
  • Reporter's Notebook: Is the Honeymoon Over for Governor Schwarzenegger?
    Public protests from nurses, firefighters and cops forced Governor Schwarzenegger to cancel plans to put pension reform on a threatened special election. Now, Assembly Speaker Fabian Nu--ez says he'll slow down the budget process because of an issue Schwarzenegger thought was safely behind him. Dan Weintraub, political columnist for the Sacramento Bee, says the Governor has a credibility problem.

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