The Remaking of Grand Avenue

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Frank Gehry and other world-class architects are competing to design what-s billed as the -transformation- of downtown LA. The $1.2 billion Grand Avenue Project could add up to 3.2 million square feet of office, retail and entertainment, starting with Bunker Hill, and create the regional center that Los Angeles has been searching for. A re-furbished, pedestrian-friendly County Mall would sweep from the Music Center to City Hall, linking the Cathedral of Our Lady, Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Museum of Contemporary Art. But critics question whether the project will be the product of public consensus or a private elite with its own agenda? Warren Olney hears the pros and cons of the Grand Avenue Project from Councilwoman Jan Perry, architecture critic Greg Goldin and billionaire philanthropist Eli Broad.
  • Making News: John Kerry on Swing through California
    Democrat John Kerry is making speeches and raising money in California, today twice invoking the name Arnold Schwarzenegger, who Kerry called a long-time family friend. In San Diego, he stressed energy independence, declaring that the US "can-t drill its way out of this predicament." Maria La Ganga, who's been covering the Kerry campaign for the LA Times, updates the campaign as well as Kerry's upcoming shoulder surgery.

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