The Republican Gubernatorial Debate

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Tonight, front runner and former LA Mayor Richard Riordan will debate his two challengers in this year's race for the Republican nomination for California Governor. His opponents are Bill Jones, in his second and final term as California Secretary of State, and Bill Simon, a former federal prosecutor and wealthy businessman. Can Simon or Jones make a race of it or will conservatives just have to swallow hard? We hear from Allen Hoffenblum, who edits The Target Book, California's bible for state elections, and political consultant Arnold Steinberg about a primary most voters haven't heard much about.
  • Newsmaker: Treatment of War Detainees Considered in LA Court
    In federal court today, Judge Howard Matz expressed doubt that he has jurisdiction over prisoners captured in Afghanistan and being held at the Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba. Attorney Stephen Yagman, who filed the petition, says the US Constitution prohibits the government from detaining the men without identification or cause.

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