The Results of Super Tuesday Primaries

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In the race for the Democratic nomination, John Kerry has embraced the role of front-runner, openly relishing a final contest with President Bush. He's won seven of nine Democratic contests so far, but he doesn't have it sewed up yet. Only a fraction of the convention delegates have been chosen, and the biggest states have yet to be heard from. Is Kerry too liberal? Is it back to the pre-Clinton days of George McGovern and Michael Dukakis? We speak with one of America-s leading liberals and one of the Democratic Party-s leading moderates. (This segment was heard in its entirety earlier today on To the Point.)
  • Making News: California's Influence on the Democratic Presidential Nomination
    John Kerry is racing through the primaries and caucuses, having won seven of nine from the Northeast to the Southwest. Can he be stopped? Will California have any say at all? MSNBC senior political analyst Lawrence O'Donnell, a writer on NBC's West Wing and long-time veteran of Capitol Hill where he worked for Senator Patrick Moynihan, has guarded the answer to that question for two years.

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