The Rising Stock Market

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Jacob Weisberg: Chief Political Correspondent for the on-line magazine slate-dot-com. Author of recent New York Times Magazine piece entitled "United Shareholders of America." Professor Thomas Lys: Gary Rosenberg Distinguished Professor at Kellogg Business School, where he teaches mergers and acquisitions and securities analysis at Kellogg Business School Joel Kotkin: Economist. Author of Tribes: How Race Religion and Identity Determine Success in the New Global Economy. International Fellow at the Pepperdine University School of Business and Management Ben Zycher: Vice President of Research, Milken Institute Edward M. Graham: Senior Fellow, Institute for International Economics Scott Nova: Policy analyst, former director The Preamble Center for Public Policy, a Washington based organization that aims to promote dialog about economic problems in America Gil Garcetti: District Attorney, Los Angeles County David Bloom: Los Angeles Daily News staff reporter covering the MTA



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