The Role of Government in Tough Economic Times

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With California's economy in a tailspin and a budget shortfall of $35 billion, the government is cutting back. The reductions come at a time when increasingly large numbers of Californians are losing their jobs and their health insurance, creating an even greater need for a government safety net. The state's massive budget gap also means that education, road construction and other services are getting cut, services which could spark economic recovery. What is the role of government when times are tough? We get three distinct views from an economic advocate for the poor, a free-market economist and a political scientist from UC Riverside.
  • Making News: Congressman Issa Joins Davis Recall Effort
    Since Governor Davis was re-elected last November, there have been two separate efforts to recall him. Though both have been slow to gather steam, now a Republican Congressman has joined the recall campaign. Congressman Darrell Issa of Vista intends that his says $100,000 in seed money is intended to motivate a $2 million signature-gathering campaign.
  • Making News: Davis Recall Effort Gets a -Sugar Daddy-
    Margaret Talev, who reports from the Capitol Bureau of the Sacramento Bee, says that Republican Congressman Darrell Issa of Vista may breath new life into the effort to recall Governor Davis.

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