The South Carolina effect on California

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It's never been like this for a South Carolina primary. Republican big-wigs (especially in California) are nervous with expectation over the possible impact of this (relatively) tiny vote. Can McCain maintain his rolling momentum? Will Bush be able to regain his national numbers? And why did GOP Secretary of State switch allegiance? Guests include California Secretary of State and G.O.P. leader Bill Jones, who switched his allegiance from George W. to John McCain; Alixe Mattingly, Senior Communications Advisor to the George W. Bush Campaign and communications director in the George Bush White House; and New York Times contributor Jacob Weisberg; California Journal editor Steve Scott.
REPORTER'S NOTEBOOK: The insurance industry and the trial lawyers are pouring millions into Propositions 30 and 31 and the battle is on. Are these closely related initiatives really good for consumers?



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