The Speech Is Over, the Campaign Begins

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President Obama laid out his new strategy for Afghanistan last night, and the all-out effort to sell it got under way today. Secretary of State Clinton and Defense Secretary Gates made the case to the Senate Armed Services Committee, and General Stanley McChrystal's briefing to troops was aired live on Cable TV. On this special one-hour rebroadcast of today's To the Point, we look at the selling points and the mixed reaction from both Republicans and Democrats. Did the President's speech create a sense of national unity? Did he clearly explain the threat to national security that requires deployment of 30,000 more US troops? Will it make sense to start withdrawal in just 18 months? What kind of support is likely from NATO?

Banner image: (L to R) Secretaries Clinton and Gates and Navy Admiral Mike Mullen, Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at the Senate Armed Services Committee today. DoD photo: US Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Chad J. McNeeley



Warren Olney