The Taliban and Countries that Harbor Terrorists

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We've all heard of Osama bin Laden, but few know much about the Taliban or why they shelter bin Laden. As America gears up for its war against terrorism, we devote this hour's call-in program to an in-depth look at the Taliban government of Afghanistan and other nations who harbor terrorists. Joining us are a former United Nations aid worker, who recently returned from Afghanistan, and a Lebanese professor of international affairs, who will address why so many nations harbor terrorists.
  • Newsmaker: Update on Military Activities - When he addresses Congress tonight, President Bush will remind America that our enemy is not Islam but terrorism and those who perpetrate it. David Sanger, of The New York Times, talks about coalition-building efforts, military deployment, possible targets and Bush's preparation for this "new" kind of war. (KCRW will carry the speech live at 6pm.)



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