The Terminator and the RNC

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Hollywood stars were just hangers on at the Democratic Convention, but tonight, Republicans are prepared to hear America's best known politician. While Colin Powell is not on this week's agenda, former action-movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger is now Governor of the biggest state in the Union. He also drew bigger crowds at the National Governors' Conference than President Bush. Will he reveal his liberalism on social issues? Given the tone of the platform, would that really matter? How enthusiastically will Schwarzenegger back President Bush? From New York City, Warren Olney gets the background of the man these mostly conservative delegates want to hear, from political reporters for the LA Times and, and Republican state Senator Roy Ashburn of Bakersfield. (An extended version of this program aired earlier today on To the Point.)
  • Reporter's Notebook: Republican Delegates in the Big City
    In this center of American theater, convention delegates have been given a list of plays and musicals that are thought to be suitable for people who think the way they do. Are the Republicans really just rubes in the big city? Rob Long, contributing editor to the National Review and Newsweek International and writer and producer in Hollywood, applies his wit and witness to the social side of the convention.

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